Waiting & Forgetting is painful

Waiting & Forgetting is painful

In life, it is always about the waiting, in every good thing and every bad. It’s how you wait, without it consuming your spirit that makes the difference. Have joy in the wait. ~ Jan Guthro 

For me its one day at a time and keep putting one foot forward. It’s hard to wait and difficult to forget but with faith and accep tance one doesn’t have to wait or even try to forget. ~ Shannon Morris 

Wait a certain time, if it’s worth it, but if you see that it’s wasting of time, forget it without regret. Time is precious. ~ Dijana Haseljic 

Suffering not knowing with to do? This happens because while waiting were expecting something that never happen. Then trying to forget something that your heart wont let you. So we feel pain and we suffer because the emotions overwhelms us. You must learn how to forgive not forget, and don’t expect next time while waiting. This will give you a peace of mind. ~ Albert Casintahan  

When dreams are sitting outside the door, then better grab it, rather sitting and wondering (work out things) ~ Tilak Murti 

Life is way too short to be in limbo. Get out and start living. You don’t need someone to make you happy. You need yourself. ~ Kater Tots

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