The worst thing happening in life

The worst thing happening in life

Sometimes the people you care about are not what you think they are.

My family certainly made me feel alone, being born into that particular lot and having to grow up with them. Yet if it wasn’t meant to be that way, it would have happened differently, and I am grateful for my life. ~ Samantha Cook 

Ending up alone in life is the second worst thing in life. I’m living proof! ~ Tamara Franks 

Don’t let others get over to control your happiness that comes from within us.

If you cannot love or even like yourself you can’t expect others to be able to. But for some who may have lived without the warmth of affection or love for a long period of their lives it may be difficult to achieve this. That is when their self esteem may suffer. Unfortunately, there are too many people out there who are living a very lonely life because they feel that they do not count or even belong.

Better off alone if you are in a abusive, disrespectful relationship you will feel alone.

That’s why your fulfillment should come from your inner self and not others. We must develop our abilities and character as the path and key to our happiness. No one can make you happy but yourself! ~ Miriam Perez

Find new people to hang with. The ones that make you feel alone. Leave them alone. They don’t care about you.

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