Sometimes you need to be Alone

Sometimes you need to be Alone

It’s better being alone, than being in bad company. ~ Unknown

I call it “ME TIME”. ~ Shirley Eastland 

We all need time for ourself. It’s like taking a vacation. ~ Janice Guerrette 

There is so much value in solitude. Treasures to be discovered. ~ Norman Ginsberg 

You should enjoy your time with our friends and family but sometimes you need to be alone and enjoy with yourself. ~ Mariam Kessentini 

Sometime alone time gives you great many meaningful thoughts and to enjoy life as is without no worries. ~ Unknown

Revive and rejuvenate. Even married couples must have solitary time for reflection to be better for each other. ~ Jamia Hunter 

Three movements of the spiritual life, from loneliness to solitude, from solitude to emptiness, from emptiness to love. ~ Unknown

Wanting to be alone sometimes doesn’t mean I want to be alone all the time; it’s just giving myself some mediation & clear my mind. I’ll be right back again for everyone and all the better for it. ~ David Velasquez 

There are so many people that are afraid to be alone. I do not understand that. If you cannot be good company to your self, how can you expect to be good company to someone else? ~ Bryan Bott 

You sometimes need to be alone with yourself so that you can get to know you . You need to know yourself in order to love yourself . You need to love yourself in order to love others. ~ David Mayer 

Boredom can be a good and positive thing because if we let ourselves be bored, we learn how to just be with ourselves, by ourselves and that’s a lot of creativity can come from these periods of so-called boredom; things like self discovery. ~ Carolyn Sprague 

I like to walk alone. God and I try to figure our day out. Of course He already knows, but sometimes I’m slow to hear him. ~ Maryanne Haymaker 

I loved to be alone most especially when I have plenty of things to think though I know I will never be alone for that moments. God is watching us in silence. ~ Nhe Jean

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