Sometimes you meet a person & you just click

Sometimes you meet a person & you just click

Regardless of age, circumstance, or lifestyle you need that person in your life. ~ Jessica Machum 

You both instinctively feel comfortable as if you’ve known each other for a longer time. Even if a lot of time has passed, it doesn’t seem that way when you see each other again. ~ Karen London 

I married my special person within 3 months and we still together 30 years on. ~ Tony Davies 

Whether the relationship is bad or good, the important thing is the lesson we learn about ourselves and others. The universe has it’s reasons for everything and why people come into our lives and leave it’s all part of the journey and the things we have chosen to learn before we came to be, so remember to forgive with all your heart, through forgiveness we can move on in our own paths and learn the things we need to know. May the universal white light surround you and give you peace and love. ~ Rose Mary 

True love doesn’t happen every day, so when you find that one special person don’t let them go.

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